Morrison's Custom Concrete

A description of how Morrison Custom Concrete prepares all of our slabs to ensure the highest in quality on all of our projects.

  • Lay out design with homeowner

  • All proposed areas will be dug out to achieve a proper stone base for cushion and proper water drainage. (Normally 4” to 6” of 3/4” compacted clean stone.

  • Tamp soil for proper compaction to prevent settlement.

  • Place forms in designed proposed area.

  • Have homeowner’s approval of design. (Make changes if necessary.)

  • Place and grade stone for proper thickness of concrete. (Normally 4” to 6”)

  • Tamp stone for proper compaction

  • Install wire mesh reinforcement and fiber expansion where needed.

  • Install rebar doweled into foundation, three foot center mat on rebar chairs to ensure rebar is in the middle of the slab. This prevents any possibility of settlement and helps to control cracking.

  • Pour 4,000 psi air-entrained concrete mix using proper chemicals to control the setting time of the concrete giving proper timing needed to create a beautiful finish every time!

  • Saw cut expansion joint to control shrinking of concrete.

  • Wash work area and apply a slip resistant stamp concrete sealer with high gloss, low gloss or no gloss (customer’s preference.)

  • Back fill all areas, rake level soil, grass seed, straw and dispose of all debris from the project.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Walkway

Stamped Concrete Patio (Flagstone Pattern)